The village of Tautavel is only 10 minutes away from the campsite.

This small Catalan village has become famous since archaeological research has uncovered a skull of a prehistoric man, the now famous Tautaval man.

Today, the village houses a large prehistory museum, accessible to all. Workshops are regularly organised there for children. Learn how to light a fire, how to carve stone in the manner of a prehistoric man, or how to interpret prehistoric drawings. A reconstruction of the cave should be of particular interest to children.

Every year, in August, a prehistory festival is organised for 3 days around the museum in the streets of the village.

To find out more about the museum: MUSEUM OF TAUTAVEL 

To find out more about the village : TAUTAVEL

But the Museum of Prehistory is not the only treasure of the town of Tautavel. For lovers of climbing, the Gorges du Gouleyrous offers the most beautiful cliffs of the department. Routes have been opened and secured so that everyone can add to the pleasure of the stopover in complete safety.

And for those who would prefer idleness to strong sensations, swimming is highly recommended in the Gorges du Gouleyrous. A fresh and limpid water awaits you there for a few refreshing hours.