Cathar history and exceptional panorama

Magnificent landscapes, breathtaking panoramas and an unsuspected heritage…this is often what you remember from your walks around the La Tour de France campsite. This unspoilt wilderness, this feeling of solitude and freedom and also the weight of history on these ancient stones. Quéribus, Peyrepertuse but also these towers and its capitelles crossed at the bend of a hike, this is what awaits you at the nature campsite La Tour de France.

The Cathar castle of Quéribus (20 min away)

Cathar castles and heritage 1

From the top of its rocky peak, the castle of Quéribus (11th-14th century) is to be admired. A real eagle’s nest, its exceptional location offers a remarkable panorama of the Roussillon plain, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea, the Corbières and the Pyrenees.

The condition and conservation of Quéribus is incredible. Elements related to daily life in the fortress are still visible.

The castle of Quéribus overlooks the magnificent village of Cucugnan. Alphonse Daudet’s famous parish priest of Cucugnan speaks to you? Well here it is! A visit to its small shady streets is a must to discover the many craftsmen and the history of this picturesque village.


  • 20 minutes from the campsite
  • 15 to 20 minutes walk from the car park
  • Accessible for the whole family
  • To be well shod and to take water
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The Cathar castle of Peyrepertuse (25 min away)

From the top of its 800 metres above sea level, standing in balance on its rocky spur, the Château de Peyrepertuse dominates a landscape of garrigue and vines. An ancient line of defence against the kingdom of Aragon, the fortress offers a breathtaking view of the Corbières massif and, in the distance, of the Pyrenees mountain range…

The monument consists of three parts: the lower enclosure and its keep, the middle enclosure and the Sant-Jordi keep.

The castle can be reached after a quarter of an hour’s walk on well laid out paths that are suitable for the whole family.

Beyond its history and its exceptional panorama that you could discover alone or guided, the castle of Peyrepertuse shelters every summer one of the most beautiful medieval festival of the South of France. For three days, at the beginning of August, bears, eagles, knights and young ladies dressed in period costumes come together. A spectacle appreciated by all.

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Cathar castles and heritage 2

Tautavel, a journey into prehistory

Tautavel, the name must ring a bell. The man of Tautavel, prehistory and the caune de l’Arago. All this historical heritage is just 10 minutes away from the La Tour de France nature campsite. In this small, typically Catalan village, you can visit the prehistory museum and the cave where archaeological research is still in progress.