An ecological and responsible campsite

A respected nature

We are aware of how fortunate we are to live and work in an exceptional natural area and we are committed to preserving our environment as much as possible. A state of mind that the entire team at the La Tour de France campsite cultivates on a daily basis.

Selective sorting, composters, controlled watering, LED lighting, solar panels, our commitments are numerous in order to remain on the path of responsible camping.

Since its creation in 2013, the La Tour de France campsite has always worked to offer its customers an environmentally friendly site. Starting with the household products used that are Ecocert-labelled, and gradually respecting the trend towards zero phytho for the upkeep of these green spaces.

Our commitments are numerous and our convictions in terms of ecology remain intact.

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Our green actions

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Waste under control

Waste sorting is the basis of a campsite. A campsite with up to 400 people a day at the height of the season.

To manage waste, we have set up a large area with household bins, bins for recyclable waste, a glass column and a bulky bin. We then take care of bringing these bulky items to the waste disposal centre on your behalf.

Finally, during your stay, we provide you with small compost buckets so that you can also take part in making the campsite’s compost. A collective compost bin has been set up and all the necessary information to make you aware of this practice is indicated on site.

Water and energy management

Water and electricity are two very important sources of energy in a campsite. By installing solar panels on the roof of one of its buildings four years ago, the campsite is seeking to diversify its electricity production on a sustainable basis.  As far as energy savings are concerned, the campsite reduces night-time lighting to what is strictly necessary from 11pm onwards.
In terms of water management, the campsite’s green spaces have been designed with plants and shrubs that do not require intensive watering. Covered with wood shavings and irrigated by drip irrigation, the natural humidity of the soil is thus preserved. Since the beginning of 2020, the campsite has been installing water savers at the outlet of its taps. An installation that reduces consumption without loss of comfort.

Local consumption

Since the creation of the campsite in 2013, we are committed to promoting local consumption. It must be said that there is no shortage of producers in the hinterland of Catalonia. From local wine growing, to good fruit and vegetables from Roussillon or honey from Latour de France, all the good local products are on sale at the campsite.

Every week, two producers’ markets will allow you to discover these products.
On Tuesday evening thanks to the Petit bois market which adjoins the campsite and on Wednesday evening with the small market of the campsite. On the programme, wine tasting, bunyettes and organic peaches.

Local consumption is a priority, a state of mind to be developed as much as possible. A state of mind which today helps us to promote local tourism.