Children's world,services for young and old

At La Tour de France campsite, we have created a whole world for children. From the youngest ages to the teenagers, we have set up numerous animations. We hope that your holidays in the back of the Catalan countryside will leave you with excellent memories of sharing with your family.

The children's hut

In 2017, the “cabanes aux z’enfants” (children’s hut) made its appearance in the landscape. Made entirely of wood and colourful, the hut houses a small world designed for children.

A library corner, games for young and old, tractors, cars and dolls.

Here, children can come and play freely with their little camper friends. Parents and children can also share a friendly moment such as a game of cards (games to be requested at reception) or reading one of the books at your disposal.

On the other hand, we would ask you to take great care of the place and the toys you will find there.

The children’s hut is open every day from 9am to 7pm.
Library corner
drawing and felt-tip pens available at the reception desk
Free access
Children under the responsibility of their parents

Children's world 1
Children's world 2

Mini-club and playground

So that your children can get to know their camping buddies and you can take a few hours rest around the pool we have set up the mini-club. Twice a week, on Monday and Thursday mornings, a campsite entertainer will take care of your children and offer them creative activities and group games. This is a moment that is very much appreciated by the children, who bond with each other for the rest of their stay.


The campsite also has a playground with two large wooden structures. A large cabin with a slide and an adventure structure for older children. There are also two table tennis tables in the playground.


During the summer holidays, the campig organises late afternoon games on Mondays. According to a pre-arranged schedule, you and your family can take part in a laser game or a big treasure hunt throughout the campsite.

Children's world 3


Children's world 4


Children's world 5