Stroll in the Galamus Gorge

The Gorges de Galamus: vertiginous, sinuous, majestic, intriguing and even mysterious, there is no lack of adjectives to describe the site of the Gorges de Galamus.

The Gorges de Galamus are located in the commune of Saint-Paul de Fenouillet, only fifteen kilometres from the La Tour de France campsite. It will be a must during your stay at the campsite. A passage by car, on foot, by canyoning or even by mountain bike, it’s up to you. We will help you find your way!

A bit of historyon the Galamus Gorge

The site of the Gorges de Galamus, was probably the first inhabited place of Saint-Paul de Fenouillet. This natural site owes part of its fame to the sanctuary nestled in the rock, right on the cliff. During the Middle Ages, isolated hermits from all over the area began to settle here. They lived there in faith in the image of St. Anthony the Great, patriarch of the Cenobitesdes. In the 15th century, the Friars Minor of Saint Francis of Assisi established the cave-chapel which became a hermitage. In 1782, the village of St-Paul de Fenouillet, then affected by a great epidemic of “suette”, turned to Saint Anthony the Great. The latter is said to have heard the prayers of the villagers and delivered the village from the disease. Even today, the sanctuary remains a high place of pilgrimage, especially on Easter Monday for the Occitan people and on Whit Monday for the whole of southern Occitania and Catalonia. The hermitage and its surroundings have been listed since 1927. The Gorges de Galamus are listed in the Atlas of the natural heritage of Languedoc-Roussillon. These steep rocky walls with caves and cavities are home to rare and protected rock fauna and flora.

The Galamus Gorges road

But it is important to know that if today we can visit the gorges quite easily, it is thanks to the work of the men of the valley who, for years, have been digging the rock to build a road. An extraordinary road.
It was in 1890 that these acrobatic workers cut this passage with a crowbar. Their aim, to link the villages of Cubières and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet, to open a road between the Cathar and Catalan countries. A titanic work which allows us today to appreciate the spectacle that the Gorges de Galamus offers us.

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Strong sensations in the Galamus Gorge

During the summer season, the Gorges de Galamus offers a sumptuous setting for canyoning enthusiasts.

Renowned for the beauty of its landscapes but also and above all for its family aspect (easy access even for children), the Gorges de Galamus are a perfect playground to learn the sport of canyoning.

At the La Tour de France campsite, our partner Deversud will accompany you, supervise and secure you during this activity which is open even to children from 8 years old. Wetsuit on, helmet aimed at your head and well laced shoes, it’s up to you to do the descents, jumps and other acrobatics in the translucent water of the Gorges de Galamus.

Our canyoning partner : DEVERSUD

Hiking in the Galamus Gorge

If fresh water and thrills are not really your cup of tea, there is still the gentle way to discover the Galamus Gorges: hiking.

The only requirement is to wear good shoes and be a bit sporty because the paths leading to the Galamus Gorge (and there are many of them) are steep and stony. We have compiled some hikes around the Galamus Gorge for you.

The marked paths to the Galamus Gorge

  • The gorges of Galamus via Caudiès de Fenouillèdes
  • The Galamus Gorges via the resurgence of the Tirounère river
  • The Galamus Gorges via Cubière sur Cinoble

The Gorges of Galamus are not the only Gorges of our Catalan hinterland. A few kilometres from the campsite, you can also discover the Gorges du Verdouble (Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse) and the Gorges du Gouleyrous (Tautavel). For more information, read our article on the gorges : click HERE

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The Galamus Gorge in pictures